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The UprightMRI™ employs .6 Tesla technology, a proven platform for exceptional scanning speed and high-resolution imaging. Its patented Iron-Circuit™ magnet, which accounts for the generous patient gap, strictly confines the fringe field, increasing patient safety, and eliminating the need for costly magnetic shielding. The UprightMRI™ features a transaxial magnetic field, i.e., the direction of the magnetic flux is perpendicular to the orientation of the patient’s body. The combination of a transaxial magnetic field and any of its full complement of wraparound RF receiver coils is one of the key reasons the UprightMRI™ produces images of outstanding quality. Further, its full array of software features and state-of-the-art pulse sequences account for the UprightMRI’s remarkable diagnostic precision.

The UprightMRI™ is the only whole-body MRI with the ability to perform Position Imaging™ (pMRI ™). Patients can be scanned in a multitude of positions, including standing, sitting, flexion, extension, as well as the usual recumbent positions used in conventional “lie-down” MRI scanning. For the first time, patients can be scanned in weight-bearing positions and in their positions of symptoms or pain.



A 50-year-old woman had been suffering for years from neck pain. A prior recumbent MRI had shown a C5-6 disc degeneration with a posterior bulge and a moderate segmental kyphosis... Read Full Story , More Case Studies



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