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Yonkers Mayor Cuts Ribbon to Highlight Grand Opening

MELVILLE, NEW YORK, February 23, 2005 - FONAR Corporation (NASDAQ-FONR), The MRI Specialist, today announced that it has sold and installed one of its UprightT MRI scanners to Upright Imaging of Westchester, Yonkers, New York. Philip A. Amicone, Mayor of the City of Yonkers and other city officials attended the grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony.

Taking part in the ribbon cutting ceremony are Sol Ginzburg, FONAR Vice President of Sales, Ms. Betty Heiman,Site Director at Upright Imaging of Westchester, Mayor Philip A. Amicone, City of Yonkers, and Anthony DiPietro, Marketing Director for Upright Imaging of Westchester.

Ms. Betty Heiman, Site Director for Upright Imaging of Westchester said, “We are thankful for the Mayor and other city officials to have attended our grand opening at Upright Imaging of Westchester, and to have issued a Mayoral Citation.”

The Mayoral Citation said in part, “Whereas, Upright Imaging of Westchester (offers) a powerful new perspective in Magnetic Resonance Imaging, (which) will bring a new state-of-the-art MRI practice to patients in the Westchester community made up of (a) consummately professional staff of men and women dedicated to their clients and the highly-placed tenets and principles which have provided cutting-edge diagnostic technology that will be a welcome addition to the City of Yonkers."

“Already our new FONAR Upright™ MRI has helped some of the citizens of Yonkers,” said Ms. Heiman. “One of our patients had been stuck in a closed MRI during a blackout and had a horrible experience. The man, a fireman, was petrified at the thought of having another MRI. The Upright™ MRI made all the difference. After that experience, he said he would never go anywhere else for an MRI.”

Mr. Anthony DiPietro, Marketing Director for Upright Imaging of Westchester said, “The Upright™ MRI is simply the easiest and most comfortable for our patients. Several had difficulty and pain when they would lie down and essentially could not be scanned lying down. So, we scanned them standing and it went very well. One of the patients was very tall and we scanned his neck (cervical spine) and this was not a problem for the patient positioning system of the Upright™ MRI.”

Waiting room at “Upright Imaging of Westchester”

Five year-old Sophie, daughter of Site Director Betty Heiman, sits comfortably in FONAR's Upright™ MRI scanner at “Upright Imaging of Westchester”.

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